Beyond ergonomics: The secret of memory mattresses:

April 23, 2019


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Certainly, someone could argue that it is not a question of ergonomics, but of resilience, but not. Perhaps in a two-dimensional reality, in a black and white world, we could also accept simplification, but since we spend our lives in a world that we recognize as three-dimensional and colorful, we prefer to be more precise.

It is not about resilience because the feeling of contact with memory does not end in the perception of its elastic yield, the one that is scientifically measured by resilience tests, and it is not even ergonomics: physical contact adds more and more elusive feelings.

Resilience remains in the background, and its importance remains the reference point of a physical measurement, therefore a scientific measurement of a certain quality of the mattress, which is then reported, following numerous quality tests, in the certification of the same If the resilience remains, for so to speak, in filigree, or rather there is but participates in this speech as an epiphenomenon, the same must be said of ergonomics.

One wonders then what really stimulates our senses? In other and simpler words since resilience determines only the intensity of the force that the slab opposes to the weight to which it is subjected, and ergonomics is equivalent to the adaptation of the slab to the shapes of the body, which is transmitted to the contact with a memory? What else do we perceive that goes, so to speak, beyond resilience and ergonomics?

In fact, physical contact with a Memory Mattress stimulates an amplification of sensations that directly affect the nervous system and could explain why, for many subjects, resting on a memory means enjoying a greater sense of relaxation. These people are stimulated, with a completely organic perception, mediated by the senses, from a spectrum of sensations that are wider than contact with other types of mattresses.

Some speak of enveloping effect, someone with a massaging effect, others say they feel caressed, in short, the Memory, and it almost seems like a play on words, it gives an unusual experience and remains in the memory. This is his secret: it transmits different sensations and makes the experience of rest a sweeter journey, a more desired destination.

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