Natural latex pillows for a good rest:

April 23, 2019


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The current pillow offer is huge. Not only are there a wide variety of materials, sizes and heights also vary. Until not many years ago this was something that we did not even consider. The pillows were all more or less similar, and if we wanted something a little more firm or higher we resorted to using two pillows or to fold the one we had. But as in many things, rest has also evolved and today we know that the pillow is a fundamental part of the rest team.

Therefore, we can find pillows of different thicknesses, strengths, and materials. Even more, there are more hotels that offer a pillow menu to their clients to improve their rest. Among all these possibilities, natural latex pillows are one of the most demanded. Today we are going to see what are the advantages of this type of pillows?

What is natural latex?

Latex is a natural polymer and the most elastic material known. It is extracted from the bark of the rubber tree. The milky juice that circulates through the tree vases during its first 25 years of life is the substance that is then used to produce the latex as we know it. This type of trees is characteristic of the Amazon region. To extract the juice, V-shaped incisions are made in the trunk to collect it. It is important to note that this process is not harmful to the tree, if not the opposite. For these trees, this secretion is a waste substance, so their drainage is good to maintain their health.

Extraction of natural latex for pillows:

Once collected, it is sifted to remove impurities and left to rest so that the remaining waste sediment. Then natural coagulants are added until the desired density is achieved. The recommended density for rest is between 70 and 85 kilos per cubic meters. In general, natural latex is combined with synthetic latex. The higher the proportion of natural product, the better the quality and the higher the cost.

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